About Quadrant Visions

Peter Gannon is an exciting young artist based in Gullane whose love of the outdoors inspires these beautiful paintings.  Peter an honours graduate of Edinburgh college of Art, is an artist with a lot of energy, a fact that is reflected in his painting style.  His works are full of life with a strong sense the Ďartistís markí.  This expressive style is tempered by Peterís understanding of space (perhaps due to his work as a sculptor) so you will often find his loud, bold marks are balanced by calmer lines and flatter areas with an almost illustrative feel that bring his works together.

In addition to the works already displayed on this website, Peter Gannon is very happy to discuss special commissions in both Painting and Sculpture.
He has already been specially commissioned by The City Art Centre as well as by local patrons.   And is now available for  chainsaw carving!

email - quardrantvisions@hotmail.com    phone - 07717746160

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